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Why Bristol?

First Class Portfolio Management

  • Individual investors gain great value from a financial advisor who is knowledgeable, professional and ethically strong.
  • The best advisors understand not just the markets, not just the intricacies of investment vehicles, but something every bit as valuable: they understand how difficult it can be for people to consider the future, accept risks and make hard choices about money.
  • When your family’s legacy is at stake, there is no substitute for professional counsel that is reasoned, rational and scrupulously objective. That's why we give our advisors full freedom to make their own decisions.
  • We don’t set sales quotas for our advisors. We don’t require them to push proprietary products – because that doesn’t serve you. When you work with a Bristol advisor, you’re getting guidance that’s truly unbiased.
Discover the value of a long-term trusting relationship with your own personal financial guru and advocate, please contact us.
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