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Stop Orders and Risk


Responsible investment management comprises many factors not the least being explanation of potential risks to client.

All Equity investment carries some degree of risk but many strategies can be used to limit the risk to a bare minimum.

Computer monitoring of stock prices

Our software monitors the markets we deal in every minute of the trading day including pre-trading and aftermarket hours. If any of the Equities that we are invested in show any warning signals of losing ground our research department are alerted immediately.

Stop Orders

A stop order is a limit order placed to sell an equity at a predetermined price.

For example: Client buys 3,000 shares of ABC stock at a price of $9 for a total investment of $27,000. He/She does not want to risk more than $6,000 of their capital and therefore asks their broker to organize a stop order at $7 per share. If the stock goes down to $7 our trading system automatically sells the client out of the position realizing $21,000 and showing a loss of $6,000 and not more.

Limit orders can also be used to sell when a predetermined price higher than the purchase price is achieved. This can be used to lock in profits for conservative investors.