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Execution-Only Brokerage Account

For clients that make all of their own trading decisions, Bristol offers a fully-featured execution-only service. Our clients can buy stocks by telephone, computer or even from their smartphone using our fully-featured online trading system. Click here for free iPhone offer.

With this type of account you must be prepared to spend substantial time on research on the stocks that you wish to consider buying. Our brokers will endeavour to attain the best prices for each of your trades but are unable to offer advice on when to sell or which stocks to buy for your account.

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Full-Service Brokerage Account

Clients that wish to maximise their returns and/or do not have the time to research and study their own stocks should use our full service brokerage account.

You will be taking advantage of over 100 years of trading experience between our brokerage staff. This and a thorough commitment to solid research by our team ensures that returns are generally high. We can't promise to make money on every single trade but we have consistently outperformed the S&P500 in a way that the larger, onshore brokerages have not been able to match.

You can check the records of our brokers by clicking here.

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Platinum Excellence™

For clients with portfolios of $500,000+ who trade actively, our Platinum Excellence™ program offers a host of benefits including access to special managed funds and bonds.

Platinum Excellence™ gives the discerning investor unparalleled access to information on stocks across world markets that is normally reserved for extremely high net-worth individuals and institutions.

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Bristol Financial Philosophy

The philosophy of Bristol Financial is built on a solid foundation of integrity, client service and experience.

With a mix of old school values and modern technology, we bring our clients equity and options recommendations on both the US, European and Asian stock markets. Our results are unparalleled. They speak for themselves. Click here to view our track record.

A brokerage firm can make profit without charging excessive commissions and in this increasingly competitive world, customers do not need to over pay for the very same quality of service available for a reasonable price at other firms.

Major brokerage firms have been guilty of Client Churning, Miselling, Disclosure of private information to government and tax authorities… It's time to go Offshore.