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Financial News

Press Releases at Bristol Financial Offshore

Steve Sherwood at Bristol Offshore wins Offshore Comprehensive Trader Award

July 20, 2015 Steve Sherwood, a Senior Broker at Bristol Offshore has won the company's annual awards for comprehensive trader and total revenue where he aced an awards evening held in New York at the Park Central Hotel.

The prestigious awards ceremony held once a year gives recognition to brokers and other staff alike for exemplary performance in different areas of the firm's business. Comprehensive Trader and Total Revenue awards are two of the most coveted.

"I am over the moon to have been given these accolades. I really have to thank the trading support team here at Bristol Offshore who are always a help and go the extra mile for the brokers and our clients. Also I am grateful to my many clients some of which have been investing with me and following my recommendations for years." Said Mr Sherwood.


Bristol Offshore M&A Maestro Silverman Extends Chinese Client Visit

Jason Silverman from Bristol Offshore attends to Bristol Offshore M&A clients in Silicon Valley where he will be in meetings for another few days before planning to arrive back in the company's head office in New York on Monday.

July 18, 2015 - NEW YORK -- The New York based M&A firm's corporate clients from China have been visiting Silicon Valley, California for almost two weeks where they have been joined by Jason Silverman from Bristol Offshore who is negotiating a dealmaking strategy to acquire multiple takeover and acquisition targets in the coming months.

Silverman, a Senior M&A Partner and Vice President said yesterday - "This is a dream deal for the company and for me personally. Our new clients have an open minded but strategically clever plan for expansion using takeover and acquisition transactions that we will develop further and they picked the right team for the job."


Bristol Offshore VP Jason Silverman to Attend Meeting with Chinese In California

Jul 10 2015 Jason Silverman, a Senior M&A Partner at Bristol Offshore in New York will be in Silicon Valley until Tuesday when he attends to his Chinese clients in Person.

After winning a large contract that includes several M&A transactions, the veteran M&A Specialist said today “Our new Chinese clients are my number one priority at the moment with several new acquisitions and mergers at the ready once we spend some time in person and put the ink to some contracts.”

He goes on to say “I couldn't be happier about our progress with this innovative Chinese Corporation who have done amazing things in a short period. It’s always good to work with people you can respect for their achievements and growth.”


Bristol Financial Acquires Castle One Property Portfolio in Brazil

July 1, 2015 Brazil was the eighth fastest growing house price sector in the world in the third quarter of 2014 and big things are expected in the housing market by brokers at Bristol Offshore.

One of the biggest drivers of a strong economic performance in Brazil has been the property market which has steadily risen despite an economic slowdown. Jason Silverman at Bristol Offshore says “Some people think we are looking at a potential bubble in the market after the Olympic Games but we don't believe that will be the case.” He goes on to say - “We are acquiring property to add to a somewhat substantial portfolio as part of our clients holdings.”

Prices are still rising, particularly robustly in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The biggest increases have been in these, the two largest cities. Rio has shown spectacular returns over the past years as has São Paulo with respective returns of 266% and 220% from January 2008 to February 2015.


Jason Silverman promoted to VP of M&A Division at Bristol Offshore

Jan 5 2015 Bristol Offshore today announced the promotion of Jason Silverman to Senior M&A Partner and Vice President of the whole M&A division.

The promotion comes as no surprise as Mr Silverman was widely expected to be the company's choice to take the reigns of the Mergers and Acquisitions department.

Mr. Silverman will be responsible for the strategy and execution of the company's plans to expand the M&A division into the Chinese cross-border merger market reporting directly to the company's CEO, Andreas Bulton-Croce.


Bristol Financial Expands Brazil Property Portfolio in Wake of World Cup 2014

Nov 4 2014 With prospects for property acquisitions in Brazil looking ever upwards financially after the world cup, Bristol Financial has just taken over several luxury properties from various companies including Castle1 Properties with whom they have a long standing and profitable association.

The tournament proved to be highly profitable for property developers, who took advantage of Brazil being in the spotlight with prices jumping up in most areas, particularly in Rio and São Paulo both showing double digit gains. This followed substantial years of price increases with a countrywide increase of 159 per cent between 2008 and 2012. Inflation rates can be known to be volatile but even bearing this in mind these are big returns.

Sustained investment is opening up all over the country. In the presidential election in October, the incumbent candidate Dila Rousseff was returned to office following a strong campaign in which she promised to fight inflation and handle fiscal responsibility to the best of her ability.