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Offshore - The Basics

25% of the money in the world is held Offshore. Find out why.

Trading offshore offers substantial advantages over trading in your domestic market.

  • Tax efficient offshore structures that allow you to pay zero tax on trades made outside your home market.
  • All information, financial and otherwise is 100% confidential.
  • Access to many markets that are more lucrative than just investing domestically.
  • Much higher interest rates on bonds and certificates of deposit issued by offshore banks.

Tax Efficiency

By using an IBC or International Business Corporation registered in a tax friendly jurisdiction like the British Virgin Islands, Belize or Nevis, clients can pay no tax on trades made outside their domestic market. This is an offshore loophole that has existed for many decades and is used by all types of people all over the world. These type of corporations have no tax liability on any trade on the world markets. As a director of the IBC the investor does not own the stock directly and therefore has no tax liability on any profits made.

100% Confidentiality

As an offshore company, Bristol cannot be compelled to provide information on clients and will never disclose your personal or financial information to anyone including tax authorities. This is important when it comes to asset protection. Your broker can provide you with more details.

Access to lucrative world markets

Bristol can clear on almost every market in the world allowing clients access to many lucrative opportunities not afforded to them by their domestic brokers who in most cases can clear only on major markets. Significantly increased rates on bonds and certificates of deposit are also available. Your broker can provide you with full information on some of these opportunities. Please note it is not legal for American Citizens to use an offshore corporation in this way and as such Bristol cannot offer this service to US Nationals.