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Bristol Premium Portfolio*
(over last/current trading day)
AA 7.99 (0.17) 2.17%
AAPL 112.34 (3.38) 2.92%
ABX 7.54 (0.01) 0.13%
AMD 1.99 (0.01) 0.50%
AMZN 642.35 (23.25) 3.49%
BA 142.59 (0.05) 0.04%
COP 51.83 (0.14) 0.27%
MO 56.28 (0.48) 0.85%
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Managed Funds

A Managed Fund is an investment portfolio under the direction of a manager who invests the fund's capital in a variety of investments. The mix and type of investments in the portfolio depends on the fund's mandate, communicated to investors by the fund manager. Bristol offers a range of managed funds to fit all risk profiles. Details of our fund products including last 4 year returns are listed below. For more information, please contact your broker.

Bristol Aggressive Fund 246% 73% 40% 7.1%
Bristol Asia First Fund 49% 12% 5% 1.2%
Bristol Low Risk Fund 37% 14% 4% 0.8%
Bristol Emerging Markets Fund 134% 55% 15% 4.2%

Bristol Aggressive Fund

The Aggressive Fund targets small cap stocks and pre-ipos. Only a small percentage of the funds are held in cash. Govenment bonds from smaller countries are also included in the make up of this fund. Us, Uk, Hong Kong and Japanese stocks make up the majority of the equity positions that are held in this fund. Underlying options in these stocks also make up a large part of the fund.

Bristol Emerging Markets Fund

This fund targets new stock markets in some of the smaller jurisdictions. Returns can be very high but this fund carries more risk than other funds offered by Bristol.

Bristol Low Risk Fund

The low risk fund is mostly invested in Blue Chip Stocks. Here you will find most of the household names from the US and European Stock Markets. This fund also includes investment in property projects around the world which have shown very strong returns.