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AA 7.99 (0.17) 2.17%
AAPL 112.34 (3.38) 2.92%
ABX 7.54 (0.01) 0.13%
AMD 1.99 (0.01) 0.50%
AMZN 642.35 (23.25) 3.49%
BA 142.59 (0.05) 0.04%
COP 51.83 (0.14) 0.27%
MO 56.28 (0.48) 0.85%
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10 FREE Equity Trades *

How do we make money offering free trades?

The cost of executing trades these days is minimal. Bristol makes money in various other ways:

Cash Balance

Money that you leave as cash balance earns both Bristol and you (our client) interest. Bristol maintains very large account balances with our client banks and gets the best interest rates possible by utilising our offshore banking relationships.


When our clients borrow money to leverage their investments we make money by charging interest.

Full Service Brokerage

Bristol makes a charge of 1% on all stock purchases made using the full service portfolio management.

* Only applicable for execution-only accounts. Does not apply to full-service brokerage accounts.

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