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Bristol Offshore New Firm on Record for Cross-Border Acquisition by Chinese Powerhouse.

After extensive arbitration, Bristol Financial Offshore in New York are the new firm on record in a major cross-border acquisition taking place at the moment between a US telecommunications firm and a Chinese conglomerate. The transaction had been looking like failing under the management of the previous M&A firm, Allied Asset Management based out of Japan. They simply lacked the experience and resources and had never handled a transaction of this magnitude before. Full article


Our job is to protect your assets with our firm as if they were our own. We take security very seriously.

Bristol promises to protect your privacy, your holdings with us, and every transaction you make.

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Encrypted password in conjunction with your user name makes unauthorized login impossible by tracking the pattern of your logins using secure industry-wide algorithms to recognise potential unauthorized login attempts.

No paper documents helps combat identity theft up to 80%. All of your account data and documents are available 24 hours per day 365 days a year online or on your iPhone.*

At the end of the account opening process you can download software that will help keep your computer safe from all types of cyber threats.

Get customized account activity on every transaction by e-mail, PDA, or mobile phone instantly. You will know of the completion of each transaction within 20 seconds.

Bristol offers a 100% guarantee against unauthorised trades and fund transfers.

We promise to cover any loss resulting from the unauthorized use of your brokerage, or margin account. This is a simple guarantee.

For your part you should promptly review every trade confirmation you receive to make sure all of your trades are in order. If you see any suspected unauthorized account activity you are required to report it immediately to us by either calling +1 212, or getting in touch with a broker online. Never give your account membership card or login details to anyone else otherwise the trade or transfer made will be deemed to be legitimate. We monitor IP address of every trade made to assist in this policy.


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