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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the charges for making trades with Bristol?

A. Find a full list of our charges and fees by clicking here.

Q. What do I need to do to qualify for the free iPHONE offer?

A. Details on the free iPHONE are available here.

Q. How can Bristol make money charging such low fees?

A. We make money on the interest on all funds held by clients while they are not using those funds in the markets. Our current funds under management are $153,845,399.

Q. How do i get a stock quote from the Bristol Website?

A. You can get stock quotes from any of the stock quote boxes on our site. Our stock quotes include graphs to show the movement of the stock.

Q. How do i open an account?

A. Once you have decided to open an account with Bristol, it's really quite simple to get started. Fill out our online application. A member of our client services team will help you with this if you have questions.

Download your trade documents and tax exemption forms directly from our site.

After faxing back the documents, your broker will get your account approved.

Payment is then made to the Escrow agent for your first position.

Stock Certificates are delivered by the Escrow agent within 14-21 days (if applicable).

Q. How do i sell my shares?

A. Your shares can be sold by simply logging into your account and using our trading system to make a sell order. Alternatively you may call your broker directly to ask him to place the order.

Q. How do I fund my account?

A. On your first trade you will be sending a telegraphic transfer of funds to one of our escrow agents. Please note that you must send money from an account in the name of the account holder. Due to patriot act rules we are unable to accept third party payments.

Q. Why do i send my money to an escrow agent and not directly to Bristol?

A. As an offshore brokerage firm, Bristol uses an escrow agent to administer incoming payments from clients. The escrow agent issue the stock certificates to the client and release money to Bristol after the client has confirmed receipt of their certificates. Bristol use various escrow agents in different jurisdictions dependent on client location and other factors.

Q. What is the cost to wire money out of my account?

A. To wire money from your account at Bristol you must provide us with your domestic or offshore bank details. We charge $45 for a next day telegraphic transfer and $30 if you opt for 3 day turnaround.