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Client Success Stories

I was new to equity trading but Bristol's advisors were friendly, knowledgable and spent time with me. My last broker didnt have patience for me. Steve Sherwood at Bristol gave me time even although I only started my account with 20,000 euros.

— Ronald Smythe

I was skeptical, after all, I had never bought stock from anyone outside my own country, but after the last year with Bristol, I realise that my government is just trying to keep my money for the tax dollars. I almost didn't go ahead with the trade, but my wife persuaded me we had more to gain than lose. Now I know OFFSHORE is the way forward.

— Arnoud & Carolien Van Dijk, Netherlands

När jag först började mitt samarbete med Bristol Financial, hade jag inte ens spelat på lotto, så att investera var något främmande. Jag började lite försiktigt, och min första insättning på mitt konto var $5,000. Jag kan inte påstå att alla mina investeringar har genererat pengar, men de $5,000 jag investerade med Bristol Financial, har genererat $12,000 på drygt ett år . Man kan inte vara mer än nöjd.

— Sven Johanson, Johanson Consulting, Stockholm

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