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Bristol Offshore New Firm on Record for Cross-Border Acquisition by Chinese Powerhouse.

After extensive arbitration, Bristol Financial Offshore in New York are the new firm on record in a major cross-border acquisition taking place at the moment between a US telecommunications firm and a Chinese conglomerate. The transaction had been looking like failing under the management of the previous M&A firm, Allied Asset Management based out of Japan. They simply lacked the experience and resources and had never handled a transaction of this magnitude before. Full article

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I was new to equity trading but Bristol's advisors were friendly, knowledgable and spent time with me. My last broker didnt have patience for me. Steve Sherwood at Bristol gave me time even although I only started my account with 20,000 euros.
— Ronald Smythe

Welcome to Bristol Financial - Offshore investment with a difference. We have been helping our investors make strong profits while minimizing tax liabilities for over 10 years. We offer our clients both execution-only and full-service accounts with some of the lowest commissions in the industry. Simply maintain a balance of at least $10k USD to receive 10 free Equity trades per month.


Our professional money managers ensure our clients have access to some of the most lucrative and selective equity recommendations on the street. We are also the venture capital firm behind countless successful transactions and have brought many companies to market in Europe and The Middle East. Our analysts have outperformed the Market quarter on quarter for the past 4 years.


All clients have access to our fully automated online trading system. You can make your own trades with ease or you can use our full service brokers to take the worry out of trading and make you money while you work, eat and sleep. Our mobile trading platform can even be accessed from iPhone™ and other wireless devices. Click here to find out how you can get Bristol to pay for your iPhone™.


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